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2022-04-05, 10:04

What is your cat’s feeding schedule?

Do they have a strict or free feeding schedule?? How do you deal with their screams for food? 😂

2022-04-11, 16:03

If I had cats of my own, I wouldn’t have a problem letting them scream for food if I knew they have had as much as they should. 🙂

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2022-04-13, 16:59

Ideally that is how it should be. However, sometimes I would like to sleep in on a Sunday, without one of my cats biting my head until she is fed. So then I have to give them a bit of extra food.

2022-05-02, 07:28

#2: Can’t you leave some food for them before you go to bed?

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2022-05-04, 17:16

We started feeding them at 20:30 every night once a day. It works fairly well. But we still get complaints 😝

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