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2022-03-31, 10:35

Does your cat like strange food items?

I make homemade granola all the time and leave it out over night to cool so that it stays crispy. I always noticed cat hair in granola (never thought too much of it since if you live with animals you know there hair gets everywhere).

This morning I was putting away the granola I made last night and my cat Maja ran up yelling at me and started immediately munching on the granola like it was her dry food! Never seen her do that before.

😬 safe to say I have to protect my granola at all times now haha.

She also tries to eat my pastry, croissant, and hard bread crumbs. She is so strange.

My other cat only like to eat proteins and cheese. The only strange food item she likes is cilantro. Which I try to keep away from her because it’s not good for cats to eat a lot of.

I’ve heard of a cat on tiktok loving to eat cucumber 🥒 and a dog sneaking drinks if its owner’s coffee while she walked in the other room lol.

What does your cat like to eat that is strange for a cat?

Also note that I know these strange foods are likely not good for cats so therefore I don’t feed the cats these human food items. It’s only that I found out these things after seeing them try to eat them and I think it’s peculiar.

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Marinas Mix
2022-03-31, 11:51

Little Miss Alice no. She just wants her regular catfood.
My previous cat Miss Felicia there you go. Tomatoes, strawberries and lots of other stuff. Everything I did grow on our balcony was hers to eat. If I had five berries, four was for her an one for me 😄

Hostess at Bead Craft

2022-04-01, 15:56

Awh. That is so interesting. Cats are so funny in so many different ways!

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