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2021-12-01, 13:47

Feline Dental Resorption

Have you ever heard of tooth resporption in cats?

"Tooth resorption (TR) occurs when the hard tissue under the tooth enamel (called dentin) wears down and is eventually destroyed. Over time, all parts of affected teeth become involved and worn down. More than 50% of cats over 3 years of age will be affected by TR."

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We took one of my cats in, Maja who is 6 years old, for a check up at the new vet. Also we wanted to check if one of her nipples which seemed to be bigger than the others was normal (it was).

However, the vet told us that she needed to get x rays on her teeth and a teeth cleaning. They also were concerned about her abdominal wall because it feels like she has a hernia as a result of a complication from her castration surgery years ago (we will hear more in a few days).

We took her back two days later and they warned me to be prepared for them to etracxt teeth with and teeth decay.

She was diagnosed with tooth resorption in two teeth which was likely very painful for her.

She recovered over the weekend. She still can only eat wet food and we are taking her back in for a check up in a few days. I didn't get any sleep over the weekend because she wasnt sleeping as a side effect of the morphine like medicine she was on for three days. Poor thing was so tired and hungry.

She is acting much more like herself again now though!

Tooth resorption (TR) occurs when the hard tissue under the tooth enamel is destroyed. Keep reading to learn about the causes, treatment, and prevention…
Marinas Mix
2021-12-01, 16:46

Sorry to hear that Maja got it. It´s a horrible disease. Sadly it often reappears and the cat needs to go to the dentist often.
Flis got it when she was 11 and they pulled 4 teeths during that first surgery. Then we got a scare when she was 13, but thankfully she lost that tooth without surgery and when it came back 2017 when she was 14, they said that they wouldn´t perform surgery on a cat that old.
It hadn´t been nice of me to put Flis through that, so she got to go to catheaven then.

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