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2019-01-26, 09:50

Can cats eat kale?

I made some kale chips and I put the plate down on the couch not thinking that she would be interested. Two seconds later I hear some loud crunching 😮😳 haha I mean she only had the one I think so she is fine. She loves eating crunchy leaves, I should have known she would be interested in kale chips.

2019-01-27, 01:54

I found this online "Cats should not eat kale. Kale can cause anemia in cats, which can be life-threatening. This is because kale acts as an oxidizing agent in the cat and can cause Heinz body anemia" But then another source said that "Kale is non-toxic to cats. Therefore, Cats could eat kale."

My advice would be to hide the kale chips next time just in case to be safe but don't worry about it this time around.

All the best, Leia

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2019-01-27, 11:14

I read that too but also found an article contradicting that one. 🧐 Obviously not going to feed her kale chips haha but was just curious 😊

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