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2018-05-19, 15:47

Polydactyl Cats

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One of my cats, Maja, is a polydactyl cat. She has 24 toes. 5 each on her back feet, 8 on one front foot, and 6 on the other. Cat

Marinas Mix
2018-05-26, 19:53

My old lady Miss Felicia was the same. In Sweden we call them "skeppskatt"

Hostess at Bead Craft

2018-05-26, 20:16

Ohh so precious! Did you ever have any difficulties with clipping her nails? Sometimes Maja throws fits since I can suspect that it is uncomfortable while we clip her nails. Sometimes they start to grow back towards her paw. I feel so bad! but if we don’t cut them she will be in even more pain 😕

Marinas Mix
2018-05-26, 20:47

Not when she was young, but after an injury on her backpaw, she got a little bit  protective of them, but with a friends Help it was easier.   Otherwise she was real good with scratching on her tree

Hostess at Bead Craft

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